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Who am I? Why am I blogging?

Sep 26, 2016
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Why am I blogging?

I know, that in today’s virtual time there is a great deal of competition between bloggers. Blogs grow on the web like mushrooms after the rain and almost everyone has a blog! If a blogger wants to push through the crowd, she must aim to differentiate herself from the crowd, to have a unique style, stand behind her creation and always express her opinion with sober objectivity, without any personal bias. To be certain contribution for the community, which she decided to write for. This is probably the most difficult part, right?

Blogging allows me to become a reporter, publicist and a writer at the same time. And this All in One combination is too attractive for the cards to end up in the muck!

Another view at the casinos and the world of poker!

Allin1 is a blog, where you can find everything under one roof, without any restrictions, politely – cheekily how it is truly behind the curtain of cards and gambling! Allin1 is about poker and casinos, non-traditional crazy situations at the poker tables. About strategies and advices, with a grain of psychology from the best. About traveling and gambling, sick professions and their lifestyles and all other things, only a person who is not living a typical daily life can write about.

Thanks to long time experience in the casino and poker industry, especially abroad, I will try to make this blog an interesting place for everyone, who likes to read various articles about the life of an former professional casino croupier, poker freelance dealer and a occasional poker player.

I believe that this blog will become a great place for discussion and will enrich our Casino & Poker community.

Thank you for your time, enjoy the reading!



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