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Card Casino Bratislava: The European Mixed Games Championship Returns!

Jan 20, 2024
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We are proud to announce that the European Mixed Games Championship will be returning to Card Casino Bratislava in 2024! Following on from its successful debut in 2023, this edition of the EMGC is going to be even better, with more games to be played and new (mysterious?) formats to discover; it’s a festival that can only be described as Mixed Games Heaven.

The series will take place between the 11th-15th March and we are expecting some big names and great players to show up and battle for their position as one of the world’s best poker all-rounders. Do you love poker and mixed games? Or maybe you want to try something new in a friendly environment? Either way, there will be something fun here for everyone, making this the perfect stop to add to your live poker calendar.

#1, The big bet mix – €100

The festival kicks off with the €100 Big Bet Mix – a fast-paced tournament with an unlimited number of re-entries available. It is a playful start to the series and you should expect all-ins left and right from start to finish. A mix you don’t get to experience anywhere else, featuring the good ol’ 5 Card Draw to test players in one of the most iconic games in poker.

The mix:

  • No Limit Omaha high-low 8 or better
  • No Limit 5 Card Draw
  • Pot Limit Omaha
  • No Limit 2-7 Single draw
  • No Limit Holdem

Reigning Champion: Aleksandrs Golubevs

#2, The High-Low Mix – €250

Split pot games are a fan favourite amongst mixed game lovers. In this mix it’s all about the chopping and hopefully the occasional scooping. Manoeuvre your way through the highs and lows, get in the chips when you’re freerolling whilst trying to avoid getting quartered and maybe you could be the new High-Low Champion!

The mix:

  • Omaha High-Low 8 or better
  • Stud High-Low 8 or better

Reigning Champion: Tobias Jelsa Leknes

#3, Dealers Choice – €350

This tournament is all about discovering your opponents weaknesses and hiding your own. There are 18 games up for grabs and players will take turns deciding which game to play for the next orbit.

The strategic decisions in this tournament are very complex. Do you keep choosing your strongest game? Or do you want to get to know your opponents skills by testing them in a variety of games? As the tournament approaches the bubble you might consider split pot games as the shortstack or maybe you would prefer some brutal pot limit games as the table captain.

The mix:

  • NLH – FLH – PLO – 5cPLO
  • FLO8 – PLO8 – 5cPLO8 – NLO8
  • Stud – Stud8 – Razz – 5CD
  • NL2-7 – A-5TD – 2-7TD – Badugi
  • Badacey – Baducey

Reigning Champion: Robin Panholzer

#4, 6-Game Mystery Bounty – €250

A brand new event on the schedule, picking up on the most popular trend in poker right now – mystery bounties! There is no reason that the mixed games community should miss out on the thrill of collecting bounties. How far will you go to get a shot at the biggest bounty?

This mix is one that has never been seen before! It takes the volatility of the no limit and pot limit games and combines it with the maneuverability of the limit games. Watch as players get short stacked playing fixed limits and then the rest of the table targets them when the wagers become limitless.

The mix:

  • Stud 8
  • PLO 8
  • Razz
  • NLH
  • Badugi
  • 2-7 Single Draw

Reigning Champion: New tournament

#5, The 8-Game Main Event – €400

The highlight of the series is a 2-Day 8-Game Main Event. This event offers the best experience for anyone who considers themselves a poker all-rounder! The structure is fantastic, giving lots of room to play and at the end, we will crown a well-deserved champion.

This is the classic 8-Game rotation that we all know and love. We’re expecting Antanaitis to return for his title defence, but do you have what it takes to claim his crown in the most prestigious event of the series?

The mix:

  • NLH
  • Stud
  • FLO8
  • Razz
  • PLO
  • FLH
  • Stud 8
  • 2-7 Triple Draws

Reigning Champion: Dainius Antanaitis

#6, The H.E.T.R.O.S. Highroller – €800

The highest buy-in tournament of the series offers a format that players often ask for, but isn’t offered anywhere. The mix consists of all the limit games from 8-game; many people may know this as HORSE + 2-7 Triple Draw. The acronym may be unfamiliar, however, there is a good reason for it! The order of the games is laid out as such to ensure the stud games are separated in a bid to help players avoid playing the wrong game.

This high roller is also a freezeout, so anyone wanting to succeed needs to bring their A-game and perform every minute, from start to finish. Are you the world’s best limit player?

The mix:

  • Fixed Limit Holden
  • Fixed Limit Stud 8
  • Fixed Limit 2-7 Triple Draw
  • Fixed Limit Razz
  • Fixed Limit Omaha 8
  • Fixed Limit Stud

Reigning Champion: New tournament

#7, The Low-ball Draw Mix – €250

How low can you go? Draw games fascinate people more than anything and a series like this would be nothing without its own draw mix. One poker variant you may not be so familiar with is Badacey. It is an uncommon game to come across yet no less enjoyable for the mixed games fans. If you have never played it before there is no need to worry! Badacey is a split pot game, so be sure to make the best A-5 hand to secure half the pot; then include a strong Badugi within those cards and you’ll be set to scoop the rest!

The mix:

  • Badacey
  • NL 2-7 Single draw
  • Badugi
  • 2-7 Triple Draw

Reigning Champion: Ørjan Skommo

#8, The 10-Game – €250

Finally, we have a 10-Game to round off the perfect schedule. The 10-Game is the same format that’s offered in the Poker Players Championship during the WSOP. This event is expected to attract a large field and will provide the ultimate challenge for mixed game aficionados around the world. You will need to impress in every single game in order to conquer this behemoth. You best be ready for what’s in store!

The mix:

  • 2-7 Triple Draw
  • PLO
  • Stud Hi-Low
  • Badugi
  • FLHE
  • No Limit 2-7 Single Draw
  • Stud
  • Omaha Hi-Low
  • NLHE
  • Razz

Reigning Champion: New tournament

The 2024 European Mixed Games Championship will also have a player of the series leaderboard where the overall winner will receive a grand trophy, as well as a seat into the Poker North Masters Main Event (€350) and those all-important bragging rights.

Poker North Masters

If the EMGC just wasn’t enough poker for you then fear not! as the Poker North Masters will also coincide with the series. The North Masters will play host to a 350 Euro Buyin Main Event with a huge €500K Guarantee as well as a flurry of side events in NLHE, PLO and Mixed Games like HORSE, 10-Game or Round of Each (NLHE/PLO). There are plenty of tournaments to choose from and something for everyone to enjoy.

The European Mixed Games Championship hopes to deliver an unparalleled Mixed Games Poker experience

We aim to provide you with a warm and welcoming environment to meet other mixed games fans and have some fun playing the games we love most. Hopefully, this exciting new schedule will entice players from all over the world to try their hand at something just a little bit different. See you soon for the EMGC at Card Casino in Bratislava!


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