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Allin1 blog and Poker travel plans from summer to winter 2017

Aug 18, 2017
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The following months will involve a lot of active and interesting travelling. Therefore all of my articles on the blog will be mainly about poker traveling and other fun. In addition to personal impressions and experiences, each of my articles will also contain useful tips, journey description and travel tricks that can help all passionate poker travelers. Hopefully I will be able  to write as many of them as possible. So what are the Allin1 poker travel plans for 2017?


In a couple of days my travelling begins from Bratislava to Malaga in Spain, where I will try to get a little bit of sunbathing in 3 days, because my pale face deserves it. Then the journey will continue to the south of the Pyrenean peninsula and to the closest place to Africa – GIBRALTAR. Here, I will visit the world’s first super luxurious yacht casino Sunborn, that is situated in Ocean Village Marina.


A few days after returning from sunny Spain, I would like to take part in the 1st Live Sunday Millions tournament at Kings Casino Rozvadov. I have to admit, that I have never been in this czech “Las Vegas“. I must be the last 1% of the Slovak gaming community remaining that have never entered this casino. This double premiere could end with a happy ending.We will see soon. There´s also very successful German Poker Days tour straight away after PokerStars Festival, so why not kill “two flies with one shot“? I will write a detailed review from each of these festivals from the perspective of the player.

After this successful or unsuccessful poker grinding, my travel will continue to the second largest island of the Mediterranean sea – SARDEGNA. Let´s put the poker aside here, shall we? We’ll be exploring the beauty of this diverse island for lovely 11 days.


I keep travelling to Ireland regularly every 2-3 months. It´s hard not to love this green country that is full of Guinness and cheerful short irish people. October is the month, that brings a number of work responsibilities for change. The International Poker Open Festival in Dublin is our first official poker tour that collaborates with the independent online database for casino & poker freelancers DEALERS4DEALERS.COM.

(If you are poker dealer and would like to join this festival, join us today and discover new work possibilities as a poker freelancer!)


It’s an unpleasant and gloomy cold month of the year, therefore you have to escape to the Caribbean paradise, that´s the awesome place where the greatest rum and cigars are. Caribbean Poker Party – PUNTA CANA in the Dominican Republic is an unforgettable player experience and this place will surely get every poker player. Let´s check it out for yourself!


Plans are still unknown, but they will likely include the participation at PokerStars Championship in Prague and drinking of warm wine at the local Christmas market. I’ll update this article if there’s some poker destination that might be interesting for poker community. All useful tips & tricks and road descriptions will be publish in individual articles and they will surely meet the expectations of every passionate poker travelers 🙂


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