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Master Classics of Poker is about fun!

Dec 06, 2016
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Master Classics of Poker celebrated in big style this year! It was the 25th Silver edition of this unforgettable poker festival. MCOP took place from 12th November to 26th at the premises of the massive Holland Casino in Amsterdam. The festival lasted 15 days and great poker schedule with high buy-ins did not disappoint this year either. The main star of the festival were €4.250 MCOP Main Event, High Roller €10.250 8 MAX and €25.250 Super High Roller.


However, in this article,  we will not pay our attention to poker superstars. You already know who won anyway! All of this you have read at the local poker portals. We will take a detail look behind the scenes of this amazing poker festival. Master Classics of Poker is really different from other prestigious poker festivals! Why is that so? The atmosphere is very relaxed here! Everything takes place casually, professionally and spontaneously.

Would you like an example?

On the ground floor there was a poker room where was running a side event with €1,000 buy-in with approximately 150 players. Suddenly clock stopped in 3rd level and all the players left the poker room and moved to the top floor to watch the grandiose introduction of the MCOP finalists. About half an hour later all of them returned back and the tournament continued. All new levels with blinds up were regularly bilingually reported or better said sung into a microphone in Dutch and English.  Between the tables were passing Burlesque hostesses with lollipops, candies or Heineken beers. All free for players! Players can take anything according to their taste or just admire the beauty of these very lightly clothed ladies.

If anything happens on the table you call Floor by screaming Brush! Sometimes that can really make you feel that you are looking for the cleaning lady. Floor guys (and they do have plenty of them there!) react to this, either immediately or with the Italian glamor! It’s just that simply different here! The festival is like one big endless party!

Holland Casino is really very nice and modern casino in the center of Amsterdam. It has three gaming floors, which are part of the spiral design of the entire casino. There is a restaurant, several bars, poker room, bingo room and live music. Dutch are very nice and friendly people. The staff is always willing to advise and assist you with a smile. The customer feels comfortable and welcome!

hc-amsterdam01Shuffle up and deal?

Each table has its poker shuffle machine. This machine is permanently controlling and shuffling cards. Small touch screen on the left side has a plenty of functions. You can set the CLOCK and it also shows the missing card in the deck. Shuffle machine is able to sort cards by suits and sort them in the exact order. It saves a lot of work for dealers. Also you cannot be mad at the dealers for your bad luck here. Just simply blame the latest technology! Each dealer also has its own footrest. Ain´t it awesome?

Mine was repeatedly stolen by November Nine finalist 2015 and the oldest Team PokerStars Pro Pierre Neuville (74). He kept gently smiling at me, so I had to unconditionally forgive that to this nice gentlemen.

In the VIP lounge there are two poker tables for high stake games with minimum blinds €100/100 and buy-in of €5000. Players  are mostly playing Pot Limit Omaha and tables are literally crashed by weight of the plastic plaques with high nominations. Rake is capped at solid €30!

Observations: Quality services and helpful staff, great tournament schedule, High stakes cash games, a large field of Dutch recreational players, vibrant nightlife in the local night club. There´s always something to do in Amsterdam or not?

Oficial casino website: Hollandcasino.nl



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