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What is Poker freelancing?

Oct 24, 2016
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Freelancer is a person working for different companies rather than being permanently employed by one company. Today we encounter freelancing in various fields. Usually it includes journalism, translations, programming, web design, copywriting, as well as the film industry. All of these fields, which appear to be quite diverse at first glace have one thing in common – they require an independent professional, who specializes in a specific field. In this article we will discuss specific casino & poker industry in connection to freelancing.

What is it like to be a freelance poker dealer or a freelance casino croupier?

Often a freelancer is a person, who wants to maintain his/her independence and freedom. A person, who doesn’t want to be in permanent employment. Freelancing offers all of this. The most important aspect is that the freelancer always remains a master of his/her own time. In today’s hectic times, we don’t have a lot of it. Prescribed work shifts, monthly waiting for salary, colleagues we don’t get along with and a patronizing know-it-all boss. All of this create a typical combination at majority of today’s workplaces. Therefore individuals use more and more independent company offers as independent freelance workers.

How to become a poker freelancer?

To get offers for quality and regular poker events is not as easy as it appears to be. Sometimes you can find an ad, where you see a similar offer. In reality, this field works on the basis of who do you know and „know how“.

If you get lucky you also can get picked by a company like Pokerstars. They offer registration at their official website, where after filling out endless online application forms you will be added to a database. The chance that you will get randomly picked is really low. This database includes thousands of registered dealers from different countries. The GPT database is rather informative than actually applicable in practice. You have a bigger chance if you participate in one of the regular dealing auditions at a specific poker festival. Basically it is a personal table test in front of a commission. However the Pokerstars online giant doesn’t guarantee you anything even after you perfectly present your dealer skills. In recent years, poker became a very profitable business. This includes a big portion of politics and corporate psychological strategies. In any case good luck to anyone, who wants to try their luck at the table tests. Actually, they don´t do them anymore.

freelanceAnother method is the “know-how rule“. It means to know the right people. Casino & Poker is a perfectly interconnected industry. In this world everyone knows almost everyone and the more people you know, the more job opportunities you can get. It all depends on work experience and language skills. Foreign language at intermediate level is very important and mandatory!

To sit at a table with the best world players is certainly a very exciting experience for everyone, who loves poker! The simplest way how to get this job is to climb up your own ladder step by step. Everyone has the possibility to do a poker dealer/croupier course and get a license or possible certificate. However this almost certainly doesn’t guarantee a dealer’s job at the most prestigious poker festivals all around the world. The level of a professional poker dealer can be achieved only by sufficient practice and effort. You will hardly get to international festivals with minimum experience.

Pros and cons of freelancing?

The biggest pro of this work is undoubtedly the possibility of regular travel around the world. The work allows you to visit interesting parts of the world you would probably never visit. Sometimes  the job of a freelance dealer turns into a working holiday. You have the possibility of your own work schedule, sometimes several months in advance. Interesting salary is a very motivating element. Getting to know new people in the poker industry again only broadens your horizon. To be a master of your own time and not be under constant control of your boss is certainly a liberating feeling.

Of course the job has its cons. It is physically and mentally draining. It requires immense stamina to work night hours, 100% concentration and time flexibility. Long years of working in this specific field will certainly take its toll on your health. You can not have this job forever, therefore you need to try to move forward and use your casino & poker experience the best you can! To be a casino/poker freelance dealer is undoubtedly an interesting job and experience for life!


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