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Lukas Nachtman: The Pokerlist app and its way to success!

Jun 26, 2019
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Lukas Nachtman is known in poker community mainly because of his activities associated with PokerList and Pokerman.sk. I have decided to talk to Lukas and find out more about his future plans and goals.

Can you briefly introduce yourself to all readers who don’t know you on our poker scene yet?

Greetings to all of the Allin1 blog readers. My name is Lukas Nachtman and I am 35 years old. I am from Prague, but currently I am living in Bratislava. Like so many of my friends I also was tempted by the magic of poker, that I recreationally pursue since my eighteens. Firstly, we have created poker web called Pokerman.sk and after some time I have managed to get to the PokerList project.

Tell us more about Pokerlist and its achievements?

PokerList is the mobile app for LIVE poker players, that provides them with complete info about tournaments, cash game or events which are happening throughout whole Europe. PokerList is currently cooperating with dozens of casinos and event agencies throughout Europe. Actually, we have been approached by the marketing section of one the biggest names in poker. For now, I can’t disclose any more details because we are still in the process of negotiations. As one of our big achievements I consider reactions of poker managers who value our design and functionality of the whole app. Few of similar apps already function in Europe, but everybody considers us to be far ahead of the competition.

What inspired you to buy a Pokerlist and how long did it all take?

The truth is I was company’s minority shareholder in the beginning. I saw a great potential with this app, so I have decided to buy-out whole PokerList project and give it a little bit of different direction. The development of the app is far from over. During our visits in different countries the new ideas how to improve and push PokerList forward pop to our heads. We are listening to players, watching new technologies and if new functionality comes to our minds, that could be an asset for players, we implement these improvements.

In which countries can poker players use the Pokerlist app?

We have recently made new state available in our app and it is Spain. Hence currently we have 15 states in PokerList (Austria, Belgium, Czech republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland and Great Britain) and in those we have tracked/mapped daily tournaments, cash game tables eventually articles with poker news, live stream or videos in addition to the information. However, Events section of the app is opened almost for the whole world. Players from around the world travel to poker events hence we bring them information that they seek.

What are the biggest benefits of using the Pokerlist for players?

The main advantage is recency and speed by which players can gather information they seek. How many times during the day we have our phone in hands? Many times. By simply opening the app it will be able to localize the player by using GPS and thereafter shows him what kind of tournaments or cash game is being played nearby. Moreover, players don’t have to google anything, with built in navigation they don’t have to wander around looking for a poker room not even in the foreign city or state.

What should a poker manager or a casino do to show their games?

It’s very simple, whoever is interested in cooperation please feel free to contact us via email or Facebook. During a short period of time we are able to add any casino or poker room to the list for particular state and prepare login information. Everyone has an opportunity of free trial to find out the advantages that PokerList brings to that particular poker room or casino. Besides, all the information regarding the app together with our contact is on our webpage www.pokerlist.com.

What’s new for PokerList users in the near future?

For sure we want to expand to other states and according to the interest of players and managers we will see which state it will be. We also plan our own tournament series and if we come up with new functionality, that will be an asset surely, soon enough you will find it in our app. We’ll see what the second half of this year will bring.

Thank you too for the interview and hopefully we’ll meet soon at poker table.

Pokerlist is free for all users to download! Get the best poker App at the market and stay tuned! Official website: www.pokerlist.com





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