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World casino croupiers: What did they say about their work in casinos?

May 18, 2017
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Some croupiers hate working in casinos, however some of them love it to death. Personal opinions on casino croupier job are various. In general, they depend on a number of factors such as financial evaluation, teamwork, working conditions and clientele. Let’s see what the croupiers from different parts of the world have said about their work. Tell us something that nobody knows about this gambling industry?

“ This job is not as simple as it looks. Not everyone can handle the stress and pressure coming from customers. You also need to get to know each customer personally, their habits and how to handle them. The job is actually a few different jobs in one.”

Trung Hieu Nguyen (Lithuania) Casino: Olympic Casino

“ Being a croupier is not all about dealing games and having fun. We have to be very good listeners, show sympathy and empathy towards our customers as well.”

Stuart McCallum (UK) Casino: Les Ambassadeurs (Mayfair)

“ It is a lifestyle choice if you decide to stay in the casino business. You are working with gamblers every day.”

Angel Saverio (Switzerland) Casino: Casino St. Moritz

“ I have the ability to feel, read and analyse people around me, that’s why in every situation I can find a  way to solve any issue so that the guest is happy.”

Antra Gaike (Latvia) Casino: Olympic Voodoo Casino

“ Being a croupier is not only a job for me, it’s my passion. I always keep calm and polite but I would define myself as a showman on stage. Sometimes less is more. We are called croupiers only because multitasking ninja is not an actual job title.”

Arpad Mezosi (Germany) Casino: Baden-Baden Casino

“ It takes so much to be a successful dealer. You have to have high levels of concentration for the mental arithmetic we do on a daily basis.”

Carita Kantti (Finland) Casino: Helsinki Casino

“ Croupiers work in different shifts which can be very intensive. The job of a croupier is never the same which makes it so special.”

David Luijten (The Netherlands) Casino: Holland Casino

“ I can recognise immediately the type of player I have in front of me and can adapt my skills based on their profile.”

Davide Merli (Italy) Casino: Campione D’itaila Casino

“ You need to have excellent intuition skills and remarkably quick thinking.”

Elvisa Eva Besic (Slovenia) Casino: HIT Casinos, Nova Gorica, Casino Korona

“ People forget we are in the entertainment business and therefore we need to create unforgettable moments for our guests. The interaction between dealer and guest is special but professional at the same time.”

Emilian Felea (Sweden) Casino: Casino Cosmopol Goteborg

“ I love my job and it shows in the interaction with customers. I give them what I expect as a player and enjoy their game play.This job is an art. My job is my passion.”

Fernando Ivanoff Gomes (Finland) Casino: Helsinki Casino

“ People do not realise that a croupier needs very special technical skills and a lot of security standards.”

Georgios Arampatzis (Germany) Casino: Kosntanz Casino

“ I respect everybody no matter how much money they play with. I treat people around me as I want to be treated.”

Hani Pal (Sweden) Casino: Casino Cosmopol Goteborg

“ We have to understand all players’ moods and expectations whilst staying professional at all times and giving great customer service and hospitality.”

Jaroslav Jakubisin (Slovakia) Casino: Olympic Casino Slovakia

“ We are not just dealers, but also friends and psychologists.”

Jamina Marin, Slovenia Casino: HIT Casinos, Nova Gorica, Casino Mond

“ Customer interaction is of the utmost importance. Every customer is different and needs a unique approach.”

Jelle Herincx, (Belgium) Casino: Blankenberge

“ You need a combination of features to succeed, not only manually efficient but also a special emphasis on the behavioural aspects too. The greatest challenge is to make every single player feel comfortable.”

Joanna Matusiak-Torbinska (Poland), Casino: Casinos Poland Ltd

“ We have more friends and are better looking than most people!”

Johannes Lindgren (Denmark) Casino: Casino Copenhagen

“ You are always watched by someone and judged all the time.”

Mathieu Leclercq (Belgium) Casino: Viage Grand Casino Brussels

“ The job requires multi-level attention and flexibility. Most people don’t even know about our existence!”

Marta Rudzka(Estonia) Casino: Olympic Park Casino Tallinn

“ It can be a psychologically demanding job, requiring the ability to deal with a range of different personalities.”

Petr Kutina (Czech Republic) Casino: Pupp Karlovy Vary Casino

“ It can be a really fun environment to work in despite the unsociable hours. We have a lot of stories.”

Jamie Cummins (UK) Casino: The Ritz Club (Mayfair)

“ People do not realise that being a croupier is not simply dealing a game. It takes a high level of responsibility and is also a challenging profession for a person’s psychology and character.”

Signe Gintere (Latvia) Casino: Olympic Voodoo Casino

” The job of a croupier is like a maelstrom, either it pulls you down to rock bottom, or you will swirl in it for the rest of your life!”

Dominique (Worldwide) former casino croupier & freelance poker dealer

Have these experienced croupiers changed your opinion on the job of the casino croupier? Let me know in the comments.



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