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Fintan Gavin: Irish poker legend and High Stakes commentator for King´s casino Rozvadov

Jun 02, 2017
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Allin1 blog is extremely pleased to bring you an interview with Irish poker legend, Fintan Gavin. He has written his name in the poker record books after he finished 2nd and cashed out  €792,000 in a prestigious EPT main event in Barcelona 2008. He also has a UKIPT title on his resume, having won UKIPT Edinburgh in 2011. Many poker players would say that he is one of many Irish poker players to have made a big impact on the poker scene in Ireland. Fintan currently works in the poker business in the King´s casino Rozvadov, where he is regularly commentating live High Stake action on official Twitch stream channel. Now, he will tell us a little bit more about his background, views on poker and his work for the biggest poker room in Europe.

Can you tell us a bit about your background and how you got started in poker business in the first place before turning professional?

I played poker as a kid, my older brother was a bit of a hustler. I just sat next to him and tried to copy his moves. I remember, one day I got into a hand and decided to bluff. Bluff got through and that was it for me. I was hooked. I played right through school, but it wasn’t until 2002 when a friend rang me all excited about being able to play online, that I started playing Hold’em. It was play money back then, I played mainly SitnGo’s on pokerroom.com.

It was at this time I looked around for live events to play. The choice was very limited in Ireland, the only place to play was in casinos. The population and market is quiet small so they simply were just not large enough to hold big events. It was then I decided to run my own game and things exploded. I partnered with the likes of Partypoker & Pokerstars and together created some the best events of the time. I eventually opened my own casino and this gave me the freedom to travel and play.

At the moment you are part of active poker commentator team for Kings casino in Rozvadov. What factors were important to you at the time of making this decision?

To be honest, I just kind of fell into it really. I had being following the progress of Kings from the early days and was desperate to visit. The opportunity never arose and when it did it clashed with other commitments. When I got a call from my friend Warren Lush to ask if I was interested in coming to Kings I snap accepted. When I arrived it was everything I expected and better. The action was incredible and the people that run the business are very professional while at the same time being very approachable and sound.

Can you tell us a little bit more about your working Schedule? How does life of poker commentator look like nowdays?

I also continue to work to promote the game in Ireland and this fits very well with what I do in Kings. My schedule is crazy, but for me I feel very blessed. I get to do what I love and I get paid for it.

Streaming live cash games from Europe’s top poker room sounds exciting. How does it feel to be in the centre of this High Stake action full of poker stars?

To say I’m at the centre is very kind of you. In truth, I’m a very small cog in giant machine. The thing is this machine is getting bigger and bigger. It is now well-known to the biggest names in poker. They have either played in Kings or want to play in Kings. The Ca$h King$ game in particular is now highly acclaimed among all the Pro’s. I not only get to meet the top names in poker, but I get first hand insight in how they play their game.

You are proffesional poker player with a decent poker history yourself. Could you tell us what are the biggest differences between any other poker club and poker room in King´s casino?

Where do I start! Firstly the feeling you get as player is your business is much appreciated. Staff are highly motivated to provide the best service, it really is all about the player. The fact it’s open 24/7 with bar & food service makes it very unique. But the most out-standing feature of Kings is the action. It is without doubt the European capital of live poker. Tournament schedule is unrivaled and is now home to the biggest cash game around. For recreational players or seasoned professionals it really is a must visit.

Fintan, thank you very much for a great and interesting interview! I wish you the best of luck in your new job!

Join Fintan for @pokerroomkings High Stakes Cash Game! Watch some of the biggest names in poker compete for several hundred thousand Euro from Europe’s biggest poker venue. Twitch.tv/pokerroomkings


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