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Casino fairy tales

Nov 02, 2016
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Everyone wants to win in a casino! Human is a resourceful being and therefore tries all he or she can to outsmart the roulette and other games. There were times in our casino when it felt like being in Wizard of Oz. Let’s take a look at some of the “successful“ winning tips, which in the end didn’t actually help to win that magic jackpot anyway.

Coded extraterrestrial hieroglyphs

A roulette regular comes to the table at his regular time. First he sits comfortably and then opens his half a meter roll of paper in style. The croupier throws a couple of spins and he marks the winning numbers diligently. When he’s ready, he starts to play. Everything is diligently written down in extraterrestrial hieroglyphs, so that no one in the casino could follow his system. Even the camera system of the casino cannot help. It doesn’t have any chance of cracking his code. Only he understands this secret language of signs. Hats off for the creativity and the paranoia! Mr. Hieroglyph is justly on the top spot of the psycho players rating.hieroglyfy

Pendulum, tell me that …

A man with a pendulum is acting up over the roulette layout with numbers. Everyone is observing him with an interest. The croupier is not allowed to throw the ball unless he’s given the OK by wave of his hand. The Merlin wizard is completely focused. In his mind he is whispering some “magical“ formula we ordinary mortals don’t hear. When he’s certain with his choice of number, he places a chip on it and the game can begin. This gentleman is number two on my list of sick “esoteric“ gamblers. Magic tool: The gambling pendulum!


Magic match-box

Again we are at the roulette, the most favorite game of gambling maniacs. However this time we will place the bets only on red and black color. A simple bet with win odds of 1:1 can become much more complicated. The MagicBox man sits at the table. This gentleman came up with an ingenious and original system how to help choosing the right color.

He has a large box sitting on the table. It has two long fireplace matches with a red and a black head. The system is simple and predictable. The gentleman closes his eyes and pick from the box one match. If the head is black, he bets black, if it’s red, he bets red. You can’t come up with this stuff, these are gambling tricks! What tricks have you tried? 



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